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You can install Storage Minder in a just minutes.

What you get with the Free Trial version of Storage Minder

  1. You can run a full Storage Minder Analyze process and get a display of completed tasks/emails/calls by year, month, and salesforce object.
    You can see patterns, problem areas, and be able to make intelligent decisions on cleaning up your Salesforce Data Storage problems.

  2. You can select any Contact or Lead for Storage Minder to create an example of a PDF of all that Contact/Lead's tasks/emails/calls.
    The PDF will be attached to the original Contact/Lead. All original tasks/emails/calls remain without change.

  3. The Storage Minder Installation and Configuation Guide will be included with the mail sent with your down location and license key.

  4. Your license key is valid for 7 days.

  5. Full support for any questions you need answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Storage Minder currently runs on Salesforce Enterprise and Unlimited. Professional version will be in 2017 Q1.

  • Salesforce Lightning is not required.

  • You do not have to run Storage Minder Analyze first before running the Storage Minder Archive demonstration example.

  • Storage Minder must be installed by a Salesforce Administrator.

  • Storage Minder can be tested in a sandobx that contains some completed tasks/emails/calls.

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