Storage Minder Archive

Reduce your Salesforce Data Storage - automatically...

Reduce your Salesforce Data Storage and Keep it WITHIN the Limit

Storage Minder Archive processes all completed tasks/emails/calls that meet your criteria: older than number of days (default is 1 year), has a specific Subject (skip or delete), and creates Adobe PDF files of the content (date, time, who to - contact or lead, related object, owner name, subject and description - just like when you click View All in Activity History) by the Contact/Lead/Account/Case/Opportunity and then attaches the PDF to the corresponding Contact/Lead/Account/Case/Opportunity. A typical PDF will contain 50 to 100 completed tasks/emails/calls.

No need to pay for extra, expensive Data Storage.

What your users see

  • Each Contact/Lead/Account/Case/Opportunity that has tasks/emails/calls archived will have PDFs containing the content of those tasks/emails/calls.

  • Each PDF contains up to 100 tasks/emails/calls.

  • The content of the PDFs are formatted to complement the View All in the Activiy History.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Storage Minder Archive PDFs are standard PDFs and can be viewed by any PDF reader.

  • Storage Minder Archive processes approximately 300K tasks/emails/calls per hour.

  • Attachments on tasks/emails/calls are deleted when the tasks/emails/calls archived are deleted by the archiving process. Organizations know that important attachments on tasks/emails/calls are already saved on the Contact/Lead/Account/Case/Opportunity or related object so there is no need to save them again. The extra benefit is that all the meaningless attachments (i.e. "image001.jpg") are removed from your Salesforce storage.

  • If you have special fields on Activities that you need to have archived also, you can use the Storage Minder Settings Dynamic Fields to include those fields in its archiving process.

  • Storage Minder Archive is available for Salesforce Enterprise, Professional and Unlimited editions.

  • Storage Minder Archive does not require Salesforce Lightning.


$995 per year. Storage Minder Analyze and Storage Minder Clean are included.

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