Storage Minder Clean

Reduce your Salesforce Data Storage - CLEAN out the JUNK.

Get rid of the JUNK in your Salesforce Data Storage

Every organization's has thousands of tasks/emails/calls that are gobbling up precious storage space. These are the messages created by systems tasks, automatic replies, email marketing, etc. After a period of time, they're no longer needed.

Storage Minder Clean DELETES all these space-wasting tasks/emails/calls from your Salesforce Data Storage.

Get rid of the excess Marketo templates

If you use Marketo for email marketing, take a look at the Marketo Email Templates folder. You'll see many dupllicates and templates from forever...

Storage Minder Clean DELETES all these space-wasting Marketo templates.

Here's some good examples:

  • Emails that get added automatically from third party packages or internal applications.

  • Automatically created tasks that notify a user on an action but are useless after a period of time.

  • Most mass/marketing emails are timely (did my customer/prospect get the email). After a few months it is waste of expensive space to keep them.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Storage Minder Clean uses a filter "Starts with" to identify tasks/emails/calls and a time period ("older than") that should be removed.

  • Storage Minder Clean can be set to run as often as needed - default is monthly.

  • Storage Minder Clean can be customized for other objects. Storage Minder Clean for Marketo removes the excessive, (no longer needed) email templates generated by Marketo.


$99 per year. Included with Storage Minder Archive.

$249 per year - Storage Minder Clean for Marketo.

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